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Sell and buy ancient,old ceylon coins /sri lanka coins and old bank notes. ceylon coins and currency value and infomation of old sri lanka date coins from ancient ceylon to-date.

Sri Lanka or Ceylon  inherits a proud history which runs back more than 2500 years from the arrival of Aryan settles from Northern India. But even before this there are some historical evidences of prevalence of a civilized community. Money was in use in Ceylon from a surprisingly early period. Excavations at Batalanda cave in Kitulgala showed that sea cowries had been taken up there 15,000 years ago. Ceylon was one of the earliest issuers of coinage in the world.” Archaeologists have found Sinhala coins dating from fifth century BC. Excavations at Anuradhapura Gedige produced a series of silver-plated coins dated to 400- 200 BC.

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